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Monday, March 7, 2016

Remembering Former First Lady Nancy Reagan: 5 most popular film list

    1. Hellcats of the Navy, 1957
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Captain Casey Abbott (Ronald Reagan) commands an American submarine in the Pacific during World War II. When a perilous mission to retrieve a new Japanese mine for study goes awry, he's forced to abandon a likable combat diver, Wes Barton (Harry Lauter). Abbott's orders to leave a man behind appear to be justified, but his second in command, Don Landon (Arthur Franz), believes he had ulterior motives: Barton had been competing for the attention of his love interest, Helen (Nancy Davis).

2. Donovan's Brain 1953 
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3. The Next Voice You Hear... 1950
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An American couple (James Whitmore, Nancy Davis) and the world hear nightly radio broadcasts from God.

4. Shadow on the Wall, 1950
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When enraged businessman David Starrling (Zachary Scott) confronts his cheating wife, Celia (Kristine Miller), he is rendered unconscious by a mysterious figure and wakes up to find Celia murdered. David and Celia's young daughter, Susan (Gigi Perreau), witnessed her mother's death but saw only a shadow and is unaware that the killer is Dell (Ann Sothern), Celia's scorned sister. Dell -- terrified of discovery -- must now find a way to do away with her own niece before she learns the truth.

5. East Side, West Side, 1949

Wealthy New York City investment broker Brandon Bourne is a compulsive philanderer, much to the consternation of his wife, Jessie (Barbara Stanwyck). When Brandon reignites an affair with his old mistress, Isabel (Ava Gardner), Jessie seeks consolation with Mark Dwyer (Van Heflin), a policeman turned journalist. Then Isabel is found dead, and both Brandon and Jessie are suspected of the murder. Along with his former colleague Lt. Jacobi (William Conrad), Mark tries to solve the case.